With the birth of instagram and other mobile photo sharing apps the number of my photo editing apps found on my iphone is increasing. I post on my instagram several times a week and I often run my photos through a number of iphone photo editing apps. I compiled a list of my favourites:

Instagram Iphone Photo Editing App

1. Instagram, Free – Not a photo editing app in itself, it’s more of a lightweight social media photo sharing app. This app however, does have some nice built in effects.

Pic Fx Iphone Photo Editing App

2. Picfx, £1.49 – My personal favourite editing program, this is a great all rounder. It doesn’t offer cropping or brightening (like some other apps), but has a huge selection of colour effects and the ability to layer them up quickly too. You can find on this app: light leaks, film grain, various colour effects, cosmic overlays and more! The only negative thing I can say about this program is I find some of the effects a little harsh.

Ps Express Iphone Photo Editing App

3. PS Express, Free – If you are looking for more basic adjustments such as cropping, lightening, sharpening, etc. then this is your program! This photo editing app also includes: some basic colour adjustments, red eye removal and blemish removal.

Ileaker Iphone Photo Editing App

4. Ileaker, Free – If you are a fan of light leaks (I sure am!) then this is the app for you – offers a large range of light leaks which can be flipped various ways. There are also lots of beautiful light leaks and overlays which can be purchased in app.

Fragment Iphone Photo Editing App

5. Fragment, £1.49 – This is a really cool app which takes fragments of your image and overlays them in cool geometric shapes. A really unique app, however, I really struggle to find images that actually look good when run through this app. Photos of nature seems to work well. Offers in app purchases.

Kalido Lens Iphone Photo Editing App

6. Kalido Lens, £1.49 – This is a simple app which does what is says on the tin. You can either select an image or view straight through your camera and create beautiful kaleidoscopic images.

Pomelo Iphone Photo Editing App

7. Pomelo, Free – A great photo editing app which offers a range of very nice photo effects. Has a very nice tilt shift effect which can be applied to any effect (I swear this used to be an instagram feature?). What I don’t like about this app is the inability to layer effects – you have to keep saving and re opening the image in order to layer effects which is time consuming.

Faded Iphone Photo Editing App

8. Faded, £0.69 – I don’t actually tend to use this app very much as I don’t find it very user friendly, it is a good all rounder though. It offers: colour effects, cropping, light leaks, overlays, boarders, textures, etc. I also find the colour effects (often my main requirement and use of these programs) rarely look nice on my images.

After Effects Iphone Photo Editing App

9. Afterlight, £0.69 – I was recommended this program by a fellow photographer. I don’t use it as much as I should, it’s quite a nice program and offers some great effects. However, I do find it again not so user friendly and a little complex to figure out. It offers things like: cropping, light leaks, colour effects and some in app purchases.

Square Ready Iphone Photo Editing App

10. Squareready, Free – This isn’t strictly a photo editing app, but offer the ability to make your images square or give them a white boarder (like you often see on instagram). I personally use this app for my depop images. It does however have a built in photo editing program too.


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