Over the years, I’ve been able to make huge amounts of money online (over 40k on Etsy alone with no use of social media). I’m always looking for new ways to support myself while I’m traveling as I’m not able to silversmith or to do professional photography which is my main source of income when I’m in the UK.

I will be constantly adding to this list as I find new gigs, but these are my favorite ways to earn money online. There are thousands of things you can do that pay very little and take lots of time. I personally try to never work below the UK minimum wage, so when I take on surveys and similar things I always bear this in mind. None of these are a get rich quick scheme but may help you earn a fair extra bit on the side!


Please note, this post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend products I love and personally use.



If you offer any kind of digital skills then you should look into freelancing! Even if you don’t you can find virtual assistant jobs, data entry jobs, and more on these sites. You can earn anywhere between £10-200+ a day depending on your skills and other variables.


Freelancer is you guessed it one of the biggest freelancing websites. It has thousands of jobs in all sorts of specialisms. I’ve both freelanced here and regularly hire here. I’ve been paid as much as £300 for one gig on here, but most paid £30 or less. You are competing with a more affordable Asian/Indian market that is willing to work for much less than you are. Most of the gigs here aren’t super well paid and it doesn’t have a super high hire rate (as in there are lots of posts advertising to pay $250 for x who never hire anyone = waste of your time). This website used to be run awry with bots (so you were competing with thousands of automatic responses), but they recently got rid of this which is great! You can get £15 for hiring someone if you sign up using the link above.


A much better-paid freelancing website! This is a UK based freelancer website, there is less work going but the work going is much higher paid. Gigs often have a £50 or so minimum. I’ve landed lots of regular graphic design and illustration work here, and it’s not very competitive. I randomly got kicked off this site for no reason and found the new approval process very difficult. You have to get awarded over 5 jobs in 2 months to stay on the website which is hard with the number of jobs going.


A mid-range freelancing website. Lots of work going here, and not super competitive either. However, this website used to give you a certain amount of bids for free per month (which was great!) and now no longer offers this. So you have to pay for every bid, which really adds up! Especially as most of the gigs only pay around $15-30.


The cheapest guy on the market! I’ve been a part of this network since the beginning, and it’s a little different than the rest as you offer your gig (such as logo design) for X and people purchase it. This website used to be really great and non-competitive but it has swung waaay the other way and you get lost in a sea of listings. You can get 20% off your first order if you sign up using the link above.


Micro Tasking

Micro tasking is where you get paid small amounts of money (usually $1 or less) to do things like browse a website or like a Facebook page. They are often super quick jobs and can easily add up if you only pursue the better-paid gigs and the ones that are quick (such as like 10 Facebook pages en masse). Something to be wary of is all of these sites make money from charging you between 5-20% fees when you withdraw your earnings so you have to cater to this when you take on work! You can easily earn £5 or so a day.

Micro Worker

The biggest micro tasking site that I know of, a huge variety of work available here and you will likely find the best-paid work due to this.

Pico Workers

Another micro tasking site I use, slightly less work available but I find being on as many of these sites as possible allows you to earn more.

Big Crowdy

A new guy on the block! Not much work going on here but does offer a $1 free bonus!

Click Worker

This isn’t quite a micro task site, more a micro job site where the gigs pay a little better (often $5-10). Well worth checking out! It has an app too!


Survey Sites

Survey sites can be a great supplementary income. You’re never going to be able to live off it but can easily earn £10 or so a day.


One of the biggest survey sites around, most of the surveys pay $1 or more and there are always lots available. They have around a $50 minimum to cash out.

Populus Live

My personal favorite! This is never mentioned on anyone’s ‘survey sites to join’ list as they don’t have referral links! They are UK site which pays £1 for 5 minutes. They dish out a £3 survey most working days of the week. They have a £50 minimum ‘cash out’ (they send a cheque). I’ve cashed out more than once on this website.


My next favorite survey site is survey sites is another UK one, they pay around 50-75p per 5 minutes. They send out about 5 surveys per week, and you can cash out at £15.


Sends out frequent, lowish paid surveys. Can cash out at $1 though!


A new one for me, these guys pay straight into your bank account and most of the surveys pay $5. $15 minimum cash out.

Prize Rebel

A big one, similar to swag bucks. Lots of lowish paid offers available. However, they only have a $2 minimum to cash out!

Lux Surveys

These guys pay about 50-80p per survey but you get sent a few a day! Have to hit £50 in order to cash out though, but the surveys are very quick + easy!


Website Testing

If you have high-speed internet website testing is a great way to earn some spare cash. You have to be quick though! As soon as those emails come in you have to start immediately as they only need a few testers. These pay around $10-15 per website test which only takes 10-15 minutes. I’ve signed up to heaps of these website testing sites, and these are the only two that regularly send me emails and I’ve cashed out with both of them.





All of these are pretty similar, but the idea is great! You basically find a vendor you would like to shop on via the website, shop as you would and you get cashback! Honey and Wildo both have browser extensions which notify you if you can get cashback and Honey even finds you discount codes! Most have a £10 minimum to cash out. I use all of these, but I love Kidstart as it offers cashback for Amazon and eBay which are the main places I’ve shopped. I’ve had over £100 back!

Honey – You can get 500 points (valued at £0.75) if you sign up using this link.




Topcashback – offers some other great well paid offers other than cashback! Get £5 free when you sign up via this link

Creative Type?

If you are the creative type, there are lots of ways you can either sell products or sell your services. Fiverr was one I previously mentioned but there are a few more below which are great….


This website is awesome, if you make graphics/illustrations this is a site you should know about. It’s a POD (Print On Demand) company, they basically help you make super realistic mockups and ship out your products as they are ordered. They even make it look like you shipped it! You don’t need to hold any stock and don’t have to invest a penny! You will need a shop front though, like Etsy (use that link to sign up for 40 free listings!) or Shopify. With no social media, but well-optimized Etsy listings I easily make about £50 a month (profit) from these products.

Tee Spring

If you make designs take a look at Tee Spring. I talk about Etsy below, which offers a huge amount of potential free traffic but costs a little per month. If you are looking for a free alternative to sell your designs then Teespring is the way to go. You can list as many products as you like, choose your profit margins and voila! You have a working free shop.

Creative Market

If you make any sort of digital products … graphics, web design, fonts, or even stock imagery check out creative market. It’s a high-end website (you have to get approved to sell) where you can sell all sorts of bits and bobs! The website gets a reasonable amount of traffic and sales. It doesn’t cost a penny to sell, but they take a 50% commission which is huuuuuge. I don’t mind though as you can list your products and leave it. I don’t make much here, but about $20 a month here for no work isn’t so bad.


Etsy is my favorite way to make money online. I’ve been selling on this site for over 10 years! I’ve made over 40k in sales to date. You can sell anything handmade on this website, it gets millions of hits per day and almost everyone browsing is looking to buy something. It may be a little saturated now and hard to have your listings found, but I still think it’s the best place to sell just about anything (especially if it’s on the more expensive end of things). If you use the link above to open your shop you will get 40 free listings (valued at $8)!


I feel like this website has passed its height a little but still worth a mention. You can sell your artwork here on a variety of products for free (t-shirts, phone cases, towels, etc.) they just take a cut and you make a few dollars each time for nothing. At its height, I used to make $100+ per month but I haven’t made anything in a year or so now.


If you are a photographer or illustrator you can look at selling stock. Getty is the main website people seem to use. You have to get approved which is a very quick process. I’ve only just started on this venture so don’t have any stats, but a photographer friend of mine makes between £60-200 a month from stock sales.




A very famous one, but a phone app which enables you to do all sorts of offers, surveys, etc. to earn swag bucks which you can exchange for gift cards. Sometimes has some well-paid gigs on here.


This is a little browser addon/website which basically pays you to search the web and click their relevant adds. They pay 5 or 10p per add, but it adds up very quickly. You can cash out to PayPal immediately which is great. They also offer very badly paid surveys which I wouldn’t recommence.


This is a great UK website I found, you basically complete 20 offers (some are a bit spammy unfortunately) which pay about £5-15 each. When you complete 20 offers you can cash out into your bank account. I made £150 but the cashouts average from £150-500. You can get £10 free if you sign up using the link above.

Oh My Dosh

Similar to 20cogs, I find the offers pay a little less and are similar but you can cash out at £10! Get £2 free when you sign up via the link above.

Neilsen Mobile

An app I discovered the other day, you install it and it tracks your Internet use in the background. I’ve made about £10 over 4 months which is fine by me for no work at all!


This app/computer program sells off your excess bandwidth and pays you for doing so! Get $5 free when you sign up via the link above. $25 minimum cash out with this one!


If you have anything worth renting Fatlama is great! From instruments to scanners you can rent all kinds of cool things! It allows you to make money from stuff that you already own and is mainly sat around. I’ve not had huge success with this but I don’t live in London (as everything is pickup), but some people do super well. You can get £20 towards your first rental if you sign up using the link above.


Ideas I’ve tried and have had mixed success…

Transcription – often suggested online as a great supplementary income, I found this to be very low paid (I’m a super-fast typer) and boring.

Teaching online – Although I have my TEFL qualification, I’m yet to find a reliable company to work through. There seem to be millions of dodgy Chinese companies that have terrible company ethic. Palfish seems to be commonly recommended. You can earn between $8-20 per hour depending on if you have a degree or not.

Matched betting – Something I used to do, You can easily make 2k working through all the joining offers of various gambling companies. However, after this, I didn’t find it super worth my time. Profit accumulator is a must if you are interested in this! They offer a 14-day free trial if that’s ya thing!


A great way to earn some well paid supplementary income, you can offer to clean, help people move, etc. You choose your rate (normally £10-20 per hour), however, you have to live in a particular city.


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